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If you are like me, you are a huge fan of Amazon. In my journey to cut down waste I first start looking for other local or second-hand options but sometimes what you need is just too specific. So I’m here to give you some pointers on how you might make your Amazon shopping experience a little more eco-friendly.

Amazon Second Chance

Visit the Amazon Second Chance page. This page goes into recycling options for your packaging, devices and trading in items you no longer need. Need something fixed? They have a section for that too. They offer rental items such as textbooks and open box listed items.

If you visit the Amazon Warehouse you can shop items that are used and sell at a discounted price. You can see in my photo I purchased a slightly used challenge coin rack, I spent less money and although used it has value for me. If you don’t go this route you can always check on the product page for “new and used” option to see if they have used inventory for it.

In some rare instances you might come across a product that sells in “frustrating free packaging”. This is where they don’t double box the item and it ships directly in the box it comes in, it is not happening for a lot of products but if you see it, take advantage.

Your Prime Day

Use your Prime Day. If all items I listed above don’t work for you and you are a prime member then you might have noticed that you can setup a preferred day that all or the majority of your packages will be delivered. Depending on where they are coming from this cuts down on packaging (if the items can be boxed together) and less emissions waste for the driver because he/she is making less trips to your front door.

Amazon Lists

I keep a wish list for myself year-round. This allows me to capture an item I might want but I’m not sure I will pull the trigger on. This way I can shop locally, consider if I really need it, and if in the end I do need it from amazon I have easy access. This makes Christmas ideas easier at the end of the year too.

Return Policies

Pay attention to return information, it is never ideal to ship something back but if you truly are not happy and it can be used by someone else, return it. No point in having it end up in a landfill.

Profile Settings?

Additional Profile Settings? | Photo by Kaboompics .com on

Sadly, with all the profile settings on the site I have not found a section to set preferences for less packaging and plastic-free shipping. If you see it somewhere, please comment below so the rest of us can use this setting!

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