Crap! Let’s talk Toilet Paper

One item people don’t really consider when they want to reduce their plastic use is toilet paper. In the past, I would purchase a 24 pack from Target or a larger pack at Costco. The problem of this, is they come in plastic and you can’t recycle the plastic wrap.

Most places around the world use water systems to clean themselves, such as bidets without toilet paper. I might evolve to this one day but for now I wanted some better options.

Who gives a crap

When researching I found Who Gives A Crap . You can sign up for a subscription package and I comes plastic free. I found it is cheaper than the rolls I was getting before and they donate 50% of the profits to building toilets for those in need. I purchased the recycled rolls. Some might ask but is it like using sandpaper? Well if you ask them it is “as soft as unicorn kisses and as strong as 1000 ponies”. And I have found the quality to be quite nice. If you prefer they have bamboo toilet paper as well.

Once my current supply of tissues are out I plan to try their facial tissues as well. You can see the full line of items they offer at their website.

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My name is Kate and I'm a world traveler looking to make a positive impact by reducing my waste and single plastic use.