Gift Cards, Credit Cards and Hotel Key Cards – Oh My!

A gift card is a practical and easy way to tell someone you care. Unfortunately gift cards are not the most eco-friendly item you can gift.

Gift Cards

Is an eCard an option instead of a gift card?

Many of these cards are made out of plastics that your curbside recycling center will not accept (check in your area) it creates a ton of waste each year. A lot of places have stopped offering to recycling them because they include complicated materials, and not pure plastic. Some companies have moved to biodegradable. If you do purchase gift cards look to reload them, or some companies take them back to reuse. An alternative is an e-card/email option. I list my email for the ecard and then print it to gift on the day. This way the paper can be recycled.

Credit Cards

Look how pretty this card is and I get comments all the time about the weight of it.
Makes you look like a big deal and it is eco-friendly!

Ever think about the impact your credit card is making? Talk to your bank. I have the Chase sapphire card and I love it. It has great point perks and it is made of metal! So when it goes to expire chase will send you your new card and an envelope to ship your old one back.

Travel: Hotel Card Keys

Fellow travelers, you have a collection of hotel keys? Most hotels have return drops so they reuse them, and a growing trend is mobile check in with access to your room directly from your phone. I took this one home recently to gift my stepfather who has a guitar pick punch that he can use these to create his own guitar picks. 

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