Less Waste Coffee & Tea

The only way I am able to start my week is to have my cup(s) of coffee in the morning.


My Coffee & Tea Station, the coffee tin is from Bookmans and works great at keeping my coffee beans fresh.

I used to have a Keurig machine, and then it broke. I got another one and then that one broke. At that point, I couldn’t come up with a good reason to invest yet again in this machine. I considered a coffee pot but had heard that a french press was a nice alternative for tasty coffee. So I guess you could say my coffee routine became sustainable without me even knowing it.

Straus Half & Half, Sugar Pourer from the Dollar Store and my Stainless Steel Stirrer

I start with whole beans and use my coffee bean grinder to create fresh coffee grounds. I then dump them into the fresh press. Using a kettle on my stove I heat up water and when it is ready I pour it over the grounds in the french press. The top when placed has a pole connected to a strainer you push down on to strain the grounds and leave you only with the brewed coffee. Since the grounds are loose, it makes it easy to dispose of them. Some people trash them but I toss them into my compost. I have a drain strainer I use in my sink that catches the grounds when I drain what is left in the basin.

My Bonjour french press I purchased at Target and my Starbucks coffee mug from my trip to Busan, Korea

I recently switched my stir sticks from plastic to stainless steel. They are technically cocktail these are great, they work as both coffee stirrers and cocktail stirrers.


Not much of a coffee drinker? Prefer tea? I am currently using up my tea bags because not all tea bags are compostable, but loose leaf tea can be tasty and there are a few ways to brew it. The tea tin shown in my coffee/tea station picture above is one I got as a souvenir from London. I received a lot of strange looks form TSA when I forgot it was in my carry on bag. It’s tea I swear! If you have a tea infuser or tea strainer you can use those or if you are like me and have a french press you can use that instead.

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