Lessons Learned

One message I want to make clear is, we are all human. Mistakes happen and we will never be perfect. Don’t let the fear of failure or judgement be what holds you back from trying something new. Life is too short and you need to live for your own values and goals.

My goal is to try to successfully reduce my waste, but I’m still learning too and the only way anyone can learn is to make mistakes. Mistakes can sometimes be what allows the lesson to stick with you. Don’t beat yourself up, life happens.

My Learned Lesson

My Quip toothbrush, so shiny but so not what I expected 🙁

Having said that, recently I posted on my Less Waste Today Instagram and Facebook that I use the Quip toothbrush when traveling. I choose this toothbrush because Quip sells a metal version and the only plastic I would be replacing was the brush head. I planned only to use this on trips but if I truly liked it, I might replace my current electric toothbrush at home with this one full time. I even researched the brush before purchasing it at Target.

When I first used the toothbrush I found the power was pretty good. Better than most, but I was used to a true electric toothbrush so the power seemed a little soft. But it got the job done so I was ok with it JUST being my travel toothbrush. I also like that my current brush at home has a base for charging vs. a single use battery, another reason I planned to keep my current brush.

I purposefully didn’t sign up for the brush replacement subscription, so I was surprised to find out the subscription is the ONLY way to get replacement brush heads. And not in a pack mind you, one brush head and a battery every three months! Since I purchased the whole brush at Target I sadly assumed Target also sold the replacement heads as well, one item I should have researched. They list the question about not wanting the battery in their FAQs but all they do is state that Quip requires a battery. That wasn’t the question, but ok…

Return policies

I talk a little about this in my Amazon post. Know what the return policies are at the stores you shop. In the end, it was good I purchased it at Target because they took it back past the 30 days that Quip themselves do not. To give Quip credit I did reach out to them with my predicament asking about returning it to them and they quickly responded, most companies are not so fast to respond on a weekend. Since I purchased it third party, they advised I would have to go back to Target for the return. Unfortunately for Quip, they didn’t see it as an opportunity to respond with, “maybe we should sell to Target to stock”, or “we can offer one box package shipped with a year’s worth of replacement brush heads and no batteries”. I even offered to fill out a survey since they stated, “we appreciate customer feedback” but they never offered me one. So I guess you can say, this is my survey feedback!

A new solution

Humble Brush

So my new travel toothbrush is the bamboo humble brush! I have not tried it yet, but will on a trip soon. I like that the packaging is recyclable and the wrapper and handle are compostable. The bristles have to be tossed but everything else is eco-friendly. I look forward to trying it out!

What lesson(s) have you learned along the way to less waste?

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My name is Kate and I'm a world traveler looking to make a positive impact by reducing my waste and single plastic use.