Plastic Free July

In just a couple of days, many around the globe will take part in the Plastic Free challenge for the month of July. Will you be one of them? Learn a little more about Plastic Free July and how you might be able to do your part.

Contrary to what you might think, plastic is not the enemy. It has allowed us some great advances in clean medicine, allowing our homes to be more energy efficient or allowing those that don’t have the means to have fresh food. But for the majority of our everyday lives, there are better alternatives than creating something that will not breakdown, takes up space and if not controlled can start to ruin our lives rather than help it.

Plastic Free July was started in 2011, but the Plastic Free Foundation Ltd was founded in 2017. With every year more people learn about this campaign and do their part.

You customize the challenge to what works for you, go plastic free completely or aim to avoid single use plastic. Challenge yourself to one week or the whole month, the goal is to notice how much you truly waste and how much it can add up to. Watch the video below to learn more and click the “Join the Challenge” button below to sign up. If your location is not listed simply choose “outside Australia” as your location.

I will be doing my part by continuing to avoid single use plastic and I’ll concentrate on posting some of my favorite plastic swaps during the month. So check back often or follow the blog so you never miss out!

Learn more about this global challenge!

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My name is Kate and I'm a world traveler looking to make a positive impact by reducing my waste and single plastic use.