Less Waste Dog: Pee Pads

Meet Lexie, she is my mini-dachshund (aka weenier dog). She has loads of personality and hates to be left alone, so when I do have to leave the house I want to make sure she is as comfortable as possible. Since she is a tiny dog and we have lots of predators in the desert (hawks, coyotes, etc.) she isn’t allowed out alone. This elimates the option for a doggie door to the backyard but doesn’t solve the problem of how to mange how she relieves herself when I’m gone for long periods.

Pee Pads

I got these from T. Bumpkins & Co. Multiple colors and sizes

Enter the Pee Pad! I have been using this solution for years! It works great for indoor small dogs whether you are in my situation or an apartment/condo that doesn’t include an outdoor backyard/patio. This also comes in handy when Lexie refuses to go out in the rain!

We tried disposable pee pads but she would tear them up and then go on the floor instead. So I found her some reusable pads from T. Bumpkins & Co. that are sturdy and won’t fall apart. I put one of these colorful prints down for her to use when she needs to and it works like a charm. For awhile Lexie had a to be kenneled for recovery purposes due to back surgery, so when I would leave the house these pads were a lifesaver. See Lexie’s full back surgery story at the end of the post.

When she pees on a pad I put it in a bin to await a washing cycle. If she poops, I carry the pad to the toilet, dump the waste, flush and then store it with the other dirty ones to be washed. FYI: Dog waste is safe for the toilet but cat waste is not. The pads are machine washable and since I have quite a few of them, I store them in a bin to wait until I have enough for a full load in the washer or to add to other loads of laundry.

I have collected many of them for over 7 years and the pads are still going strong. They have different sizes if you need to place them in a kennel/crate. It allows both Lexie and I to be a little more eco friendly, save me money and keep her comfortable and clean.

You can see where they shaved her for surgery, we called it her “reverse mohawk”

Lexie’s Back Surgery Story

Anyone who has had a mini-dachshund knows and lives with the fear every day that their beloved pup will rupture a disc in their back. Sadly, Doxies are prone to this due to their breeding and long backs. Lexie had surgery when she was 6 years old for a ruptured disc. It was one of the scariest things I have gone through and killed me to see her so scared to move remembering the pain. It took a month for her to regain the use of her back legs through exercises and encouragement and longer for her to get her spunk back. She is now 14 (I know, crazy!) and still acts like a puppy. I am so grateful that she was lucky enough to pull through!!

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