Shop Local: Local First Arizona 20% off

QUICK! Take advantage of this offer that only lasts until the end of the weekend! In honor of Independant week (June 29 – July 7) Arizona is offering a “golden ticket” with 20% off at partipating local businesses.

How it works

Try a new experience like ziplining or get a used book, movie or video game at Bookmans. Experience a new restaurant or a local favorite and be sure to post about it so we get the word out to keep our local businesses thriving.

Learn all about it in the video below and then sign up for the digital golden ticket below. You should be able to flash it from your digital device and use it muliple times but if you plan to hand in a physical copy check in with Local First Arizona they might have extras for you to pick up.

Get your Golden Ticket Today!

Why Shop Local?

You might not live in Arizona, but have you explored your local businesses? Shopping local cuts down on natural resources to help the environment. Plus, it cuts down on plastic packaging if nothing is shipped!

It can be tempting to always shop the big box and I shop both so I’m not perfect either, but it can put a strain on local businesses that are most likely using local resources or offer something unique to the area. It grows communities and allows the economy to thrive, pushing where you live to become a better place.

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My name is Kate and I'm a world traveler looking to make a positive impact by reducing my waste and single plastic use.

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