Travel Coffee Cups

Brewing coffee at home is a great way to save money and can avoid the waste of a plastic coffee cup, but most of us don’t have time to sip it at home in our standard coffee cup. So here are my favorite travel coffee cups.

I would start by shopping at your own home. Most people have a collection of these and don’t even know it, see what you might have already.

Stainless Steel

As you can see in the photo above I am a fan of the insulated stainless steel coffee cup, I don’t drink my coffee very fast so this keeps my coffee warm a lot longer. I like the extra large ones (20 oz) for my everyday use, but that is all a personal choice.

My Eller cup was a gift but I was able to find it’s twin at Bookmans here locally. You can find something similar at Amazon like this Mira cup or you can try this fancy Bodum french press on the go cup!

Here are some other styles, I have not tried them personally so I can’t vouch for them but others do.


Want something you know you will breakdown, try these brands: ECoffee, and Huskup. Both look like great solutions but sadly nether are in the US.


Glass can be a good alternative, just be sure you are not clumsy like me and that it is made for hot beverages. Some brands you might try are: JOCO and Keep Cup. Keep Cup has a wide range on pricing so pay attention to which cup you choose.

On the Go: Coffee Shop Cup

I typically carry this cup around with me, that way if I have a craving for a coffee while running errands I know I won’t have to use a single use plastic coffee cup. It is a 16 oz size so for your Starbucks fan that is a Grande or if I want to go smaller I can do that as well. This works great for both hot and cold options, most coffee shops will also discount you for use of your own cup.

If you are at a coffee shop that offers real cups and you plan to take a break and hang there that is also a great option.

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My name is Kate and I'm a world traveler looking to make a positive impact by reducing my waste and single plastic use.