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It is bad enough when we have to throw away items that don’t breakdown, but worse when we have to waste food. That statement your parents always used when you were growing up is true, there are people out there starving! Learning how to store your food in a way that doesn’t require plastic seems like it would be tough, but it easier than you think. Here are some alternatives to the typical Ziplock/ Tupperware option to keep your food fresh.


Bee’s Wraps

Bee’s Wrap (3 Pack) on Amazon

The pack I purchased comes with three wraps. These are great for items like cheese, butter, cut fruit or use it the same way you would saran wrap to cover an open bowl. It is not recommended for meat.

Directions: Wrap the desired item and then hold in your hands for a minute or so. This will seal the wax and seal your food item. They are reusable, just be sure you wash them with cold water or risk melting them.


Pyrex pack on Amazon

My mom gave me my first Pyrex years ago for Christmas and I love them! They come in a variety of sizes, the bowls are made of glass and yes the lids of the plastic but they are reusable. You can usually find a pile of these at thrift stores to repurpose at home. The bowls and lids can be placed in both the fridge and freezer. The bowls can be used in the microwave and oven. All are dishwasher safe as well.

Freezer Storage

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can be a great way to store items like soap or meat in the fridge or the freezer. As you can see here I stored some ground beef with the grocery label on it so I know exactly what it is. The one here I got second-hand but I also just purchased a couple of these stainless steel containers from the Package Free Shop.

Silicone bags

Silicone bags like the one shown above are great for smaller items. I used these most recently for a frozen banana and a fish filet. I got these at (re)zip bags at Target and you can use them just like you would ziplock bags but you wash them and reuse them. Win win.



Vejibag (3 pack) on Amazon

This bag has changed my life! I never could eat my greens fast enough before they would go bad, not anymore. This cotton bag keeps my fresh green produce moist and fresh for weeks. Just be sure you purchase them without plastic, vejibag won’t be effective with greens that have been processed to be stored in plastic.

Directions: Dampen the veggies and then the bag, the cotton and the moisture keep your veggies from drying out and fresher longer.


Composting is a whole other topic but it is a great way avoid throwing away food is past the point of consumption. Do some research or just wait until I do a post in the near future 😉

Ripe Bananas

No reason to waste those bananas you were not able to eat fast enough! Use them for baking, a lot of recipes call for butter or oil and you can use a banana a substitute. I used it to make Maple Pecan Banana Muffins from Skinny Taste.

Maple Pecan Banana Muffins

You can can get the recipe here.

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