Kate’s Top 10 Less Waste Essentials – Prime Day Edition

Everyone has to start somewhere and some items you won’t be able to find so easily secondhand. With Prime Days starting today, you too can start your journey to less waste. Here they are in no particular order…

Personal Care

1. Plaine Products

Plaine Products has you covered for your personal care needs. They offer shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. They even have travel sizes. What makes them different is the containers are refillable, so once it is empty you order a refilled and ship the empty one back in the box the refill comes in. I use the lotion and it smells so good! Highly recommend this one.

2. Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

I have been using the Edwin Jagger – Heather Safety Razor for awhile now and I like it allows me to be eco-friendly and it is a closer shave. I like the long handle on this one and it is recommended as a good starter safety razor.

Check out my full post on safety razors.


3. Bodum Coffee and Tea Products

Anyone who knows me, know I love coffee. So my Bodum French Press gets used daily. If you wear the glass beaker you can get a replacement without trashing your whole french press. Up your coffee game and get a french press or get some of their tea products.

4. Bees Wraps

Bee’s Wrap has so many uses. Like most of these I have posts dedicated to these recommendations, in summary this can be used for leftovers, as a sandwich wrap and so on. Swap this for suran wrap and ziplock bags.

5. Vejibags

I love Vejibags, my greens have never been so green for so long. Stretch your money and use these bags.

Get the full download on using Bee’s Wraps and Vejibags here: Less Waste Food

On the Go

6. Greens Steel

Greens Steel has you covered in the traveling drink department. Tumblers, cups, straws and even something for the kids. I use their 20 oz tumbler daily and my water is always cold.

Find your waterbottle and learn how I use my collection: Ditch the Single Use Waterbottles for Reusable

7. Eco-bags

Eco-bags are responsibly sourced and have something for all your shopping needs. I have a few of their totes and a string bag, I get plenty of use out of them on my grocery store trips since they are safet to come in contact with your food.

8. Colony Co.

Colony Co. has a full line of eco-friendly items. Bulk bin bags, produce bags, reuseable lunch sack and so on. I have their bulk bin bags, they have not let me down yet.

Learn how you can use these and the Eco bags on your next grocery store trip: Less Waste Grocery Shopping 101


9. Skoy

Skoy has a whole line of biodegradable scrubbers, cloths and towels. They are affordable and easy to use. Replace those paper towels and plastic sponge for these eco-friendly options.


10. Prime Video

If you are Prime member than you have access to Prime Video content, find a new series or featured movie to watch for free. Want to own something? Instead of purchasing a plastic disc you can purchase a digital copy to watch. Takes up less space and you can access it from any device that has the Amazon Video app. I personally use the Amazon Fire stick. It allows me to stream Amazon music as well.

Happy Shopping!

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My name is Kate and I'm a world traveler looking to make a positive impact by reducing my waste and single plastic use.