Kate’s Top 10 Less Waste Travel Essentials – Prime Day Edition

No checked bags!! I have had a number of trips where my bag has gone missing for days. The times I do check a bag, I have to allow enough time to check it and collect it, not to mention the stress if flights change. So if I don’t have to check a bag, I won’t. Here are my top 10 travel essentials to help you cut down on waste and wasted time. Prime Days ends today so get shopping if you hope to get a good deal!

I cover my travel basics in my travel essentials post, everything here is in addition to that post, so be sure to check out both posts.


1. Ethique – Solid Shampoo, Conditioner & Soap

I personally use Lush for my solid shampoos and conditioner but I have heard good things about Ethique. You can purchase a sample hair and body option (pictured above) that come in conveniently small package sizes allowing you to test different types and save space.

2. The HumbleBrush – Bamboo toothbrush

I use an electric toothbrush at home but on the road I go bamboo. I have not tried other brands so I don’t know that all bamboo toothbrushes are treated equal but I have been pleased with the HumbleBrush by The Humble Co. Eveything but the bristles are biodegradable. The packaging is also recyclable. When the brush is no longer usable pull the bristles out with pliars and compost the rest.

NOTE: Most hotels do not recycle (I question those that claim they do) and I have yet to stay in one that composts guest’s waste. So if your brush is beyond use, take it home and compost it. If it is tossed in a landfill, it will not decompose the way it should.

I haven’t tried it yet, but there is a lot of buzz around toothpaste tablets. I hope to give them a shot at some point to see if they are worth it. If you have tried them, feel free to comment at about it below.

3. Plastic-free Travel Sized Containers

If you have reusable plastic options that work for you, keep using them. I find most of my reusable plastic containers would either break and/or leak so I prefer these eco-friendly options instead. Depending where you are traveling to and from the rules can be different. But one thing is always true, less liquids means less trouble you will have with TSA.

Tin 3 oz – These work great for the solid shampoo, soap or deodorant you plan to pack. 3 oz is the limit for most items through the USA, so this makes for the perfect size.

Glass Jars 2 oz – These jars are great for traveling. They have a screw top so less chance of leaks. Since it is glass you won’t be able to squeeze out what you need so a wide mouth is helpful while being small enough to not take up too much room.

Read about my on-the-go shave kit.

On the Go

4. Chicobags

I have bags similar to this so I haven’t tried these personally but they get good reviews. Most people don’t have the room to carry a big tote bag, so ChicoBags are a compact way to make sure you are never caught without a bag. They don’t even need to fit in your carry-on, just attach it to the carry-on with its handy clip.

5. Cocoon Travel Blanket

Airtravel can be cold, a travel blanket can save you from a plastic wrapped plane blanket. Not to mention keep you healthy, who knows if that blanket was really washed or not! My go to is the Cocoon CoolMax Blanket. Packs up small and is machine washable!

6. Nomadix Towel

Made from recycled materials this towel can be used as a yoga, beach, pool or camping towel. Nomadix towel is soft and they have colorful designs, I use mine for hot yoga and hope to use it on camping trips.

7. Laundry bag

I have plastic bags I still use for laundry but this FABBPRO Laundry Bag is eco-friendly and large enough to handle your longer trips.

Or you can try out this highly rated bag by Zero Waste Moving. Whatever bag you choose it is better than the plastic laundry bag at the hotel.


8. Bose Headphones

I rarely leave the house without my Bose headphones. I like the in-ear ones because they are more comfortable to fall asleep in on the plane and I can avoid the plastic ones they give you on the plane. I have both the wired (no worry about the charge dying) and the bluetooth ones for workouts. If you do get the wired ones be sure to check what attachments you might need for your device(s). The sound quality of Bose is worth the money, I have been using them for years.

I purchased this Geekria Snap pouch to carry my headphones and it works great. I’m able to fit both my wired and wireless headphones in them for a more compact packing trip.

9. Audible

If you do not already have Audible, you are missing out. I get so much “reading” done while doing chores or while traveling. Most books are read by their authors and if you don’t like a book, you can return it. If you are Prime member they are running a deal for Prime Day, 66% off for your first three months.

10. Amazon Music

As a Prime member certain songs are free to listen to, just be sure to download the Amazon Music app to take advantage. You can even download music so a wifi connection won’t be an issue while you are on a plane or in a dead zone driving. Much like Spotify you can pay for unlimited music, I find the selection good but these days I listen to more books and podcasts than I do new music. When I travel I do have some form of playlist to listen to while sleeping on a long flight or driving. Want to give it a try? The Prime member discount (ending today) is four months for 99 cents for new subscribers.

Happy shopping!

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