What does Zero Waste mean to you?

Plastic Free July ends on Wednesday, will you be continuing on in your journey beyond July to reduce your use of single use plastic? Is the zero waste lifestyle for you? Read what my perspective is on zero waste and find out what it means to you.

The more I hear the phrase zero waste, the less I like it. No one is truly zero waste and for those that don’t understand or have a desire to try to live a more sustainable lifestyle usually misunderstand what that phrase means. The word “zero” implies that one can eliminate waste from their lives as an obtainable goal and that others should judge you for not doing more to get to the finish line. There is no finish line, there is no zero to accomplish, just doing what you can to reduce your negative impact to the planet.

I haven’t been at this long, but I can already see how certain perceptions have the community on the defense. They apologize in advance or admit how they are not perfect because their efforts didn’t end the war on waste. This makes me sad because that means people have verbally attacked them for their efforts in the past rather than celebrating the good they have done. I believe that is because the phrase “zero waste” has certain expectations, and we need to reset what it means to live zero waste.

Life is not a one size fits all scenario, and where is the fun in that?! So living a zero waste life or as I prefer to call it, less waste lifestyle, it can look different for different people. For some it is making their own personal care products and riding a bike to work. For others it is no longer buying bottled water. Most importantly we need to support those that are trying to make better choices for less waste. If we look to tear people down for not doing more, they might feel beat down and won’t seek the opportunity to do more. Or burn out and stop trying all together.

This post is for you, whomever you are! Whether you are a rookie starting out or a seasoned zero waster you have my admiration and I am cheering you on. Life is more than the waste we create and we need to remember we are all human. We should support each other for all or any efforts at making this world a better place.

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My name is Kate and I'm a world traveler looking to make a positive impact by reducing my waste and single plastic use.