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Not a fan of digital media? Like it old school? Try buying your media used. If you are local to Arizona, Bookmans is the place to go. They have a wide variety of items to pick from and this weekend they have a sale going. Get 3 books, get the 4th free. Deal runs through Sunday. Check out the selection below…

Books and Magazines

As noted in the name, they have a wide variety of books. Almost any category you can think of they have books for it. Want to avoid paying a lot of money on text books for college? Check out Bookmans, lots of students trade in their books when the course is over.

Love seeing the latest fashion and beauty tips? Celeb gossip? Health, cars, travel, sci-fi, music… you name it they have the magazine and most likely less expensive.

They also have a large selection of comic books!

Movies/TV Shows

My taste changs over time, so I find myself trading in and purchasing movies and TV shows from Bookmans often. DVDs and Blu-rays for your viewing pleasure. They also have workout DVDs and a whole kid section.


Vinyls and CDs, find them here. They also have used turntables in the electronic section.

Looking to play music? Check out the sheet music section to find some of your favorite artists songs and their guide to playing it. They also have a collection of used musical instruments, I have been told you really want to get these from a music store but if you know what you are looking for, see if they might have something that interests you.

Video Games and Consoles

Big gamer? Find new and classic versions of consoles to play on and games to play with them. Missing a piece of equipment? Bookmans might have it for you.

Board Games and Puzzles

Family time or a fun date night at home? Take it all the way old school and go electronic free for the night with a board game or puzzle. I found a board game there that has been discountinued and it made for a fun game night with my friends!


If you recently upgraded an electronic, try trading in your old one at Bookmans. VHS and DVD players, music equipment and so on. Want to try a fitness tracker? Check out their fitbits. They don’t take items like laptops but if you have questions about a certain item you can always call and see if they will take it. Some stores are full of that item so try calling another location, they might need some and will accept it.


They routinely hold events in the store to support the community, it could be music lessons or as shown here a tarot card reading. They are dog friendly so you can take your furry friend in to browse with you.

Misc. items

If you browse while in the store you will see they have a collection of used trinkets and items decorating the store. They also sell merchandise if you are interested.

Check them out and see for yourself!

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