Less Waste Cleaning

One of the ways people waste the most is when they go to clean. You don’t have to clog up the trashcan when cleaning up the house. Here are a few items that help save money and the amount of waste in my household.

Reusable/washable swifer pads

Have a swifer duster or mop in your home? Great, Etsy has lots of people that make reusable Swiffer pads like the one shown above. I got these from Teresa’s Fleece Dusters and they will fit long or short Swiffer poles. She also sells floor dusters for Swiffer mops, check it out!

I have a Shark mop that heats up water to steam clean the tile floors. I got mine at Costco, but you can get them at Kolhs or other locations. As you can see I use it often and I find it amazing the amount of dirt I will see it clean up off the floors. Recommend using distilled water with this to prolong the life of the device and keep it from clogging over time. I sometimes add distilled white vineagar as well to give it an extra clean.


Powder Dish Soap

For at least the past ten years, the dishwasher soap of choice has been the tablet. But with each tablet you get plastic. Plastic around the tablet, plastic shrink wrapped around the tablet itself and the ziplock bag it comes in or the large plastic container. I switched to Seventh Generation Powdered Soap and my dishes are just as clean as they were before. This cuts down on the plastic associated with the tablet and the box the powder comes in is made from recycled materials and I can recycle it in my curbside.

Drying Rack

I also have a drying rack for the items I handwash. This cuts down on how often I use the dishwasher and making sure I have a full dishwasher before I start it up.

Drying Laundry

Wool Dryer Balls

These wool balls work great for the dryer.

Before I started really researching what I was purchasing, I purchased plastic dryer balls. Not the smartest move and they cracked and had to be trashed in the end anyway. So I made the move to Wool Dryer Balls, and I love them. They help speed up your drying time and are safe for the environment. My sensitive skin loves that I don’t have to worry about unseen chemicals like I did with dryer sheets. I got these from the package free store.

Hang Dry

I hang dry a lot of things, mostly because the dryer will distroy them. But this can be a great way to avoid wasting energy by skipping the dryer all together. We are really dusty here in the desert so I keep my items indoors to dry.

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My name is Kate and I'm a world traveler looking to make a positive impact by reducing my waste and single plastic use.