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I try to eat healthy and keep a good balance of what I eat in my diet. It is one of the easiest things you can do to keep yourself healthy. So I would expect nothing else for my dog. Here are some of the ways I provide healthy food for my dog without being too wasteful.

Dog Food Advisor

When Lexie was a puppy I used to feed her the typical Purina, Pedigree or whatever was stocked at the grocery store. Only when I started traveling and I needed a pet sitter did I find out how bad these brands really are for nutrition. Her pet sitter introduced me to Dog Food Advisor, started by Mike Sagman when his dog died from recalled dog food. His mission is to evaluate all dog foods and rate them so you don’t have to guess or go through what he did with his dog. It is free and there are no ads to influence you. You can see his story in the video below.

Here you can sign up for food recalls that will go straight to your inbox, I know it works because I get them often which goes to show how unregulated pet food is. I also can check the status of the brands I purchase to feed Lexie. Enter Wellness…


Lexie’s Wellness dry food, canned food and treats

I have been feeding Lexie Wellness brand ever since I discovered Dog Food Advisor. I would say she has been eating it for about 9 years now and in that whole time I have not see it slip in rating. I am able to get a her a variety of options so she doesn’t get bored. I feed her the dry food and the canned food. Since she now takes meds for her arthritis she needs to eat before taking her pills and canned food is the only way she will eat right away, otherwise she will graze all day.

Only when I started researching how I wanted to reduce my waste did I learn that Wellness participates in TerraCycle. So once I am done with a bag of dog food, pouches or treats I can ship them off to be recycled. It is not the most ideal option, but for those that have looked for zero waste solutions for purchased dog food there are not many options out there.

Homemade Food

Every once and awhile I will pull the crockpot out and make Lexie a meal from scratch. I found this recipe on Pinterest and it includes all dog safe food items. Boneless chicken breast, sweet potato, carrots, green beans, peas, apples, kidney beans and olive oil and Lexie loves it. You can see this full recipe from Pearls and Sports Bras.

This cuts down on waste since it is all food I can purchase for myself and I can freeze half of it to save for later. I know what is in her food and it allows some fun in her normal routine.

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