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It’s Friday! With our Monsoon season in full swing and the patter of rain on the roof, all I want to do is curl up with a good book or movie. If you too have plans to stay in with the latest movie or a weekend binge of a TV show, I have the less waste guide for you.

Nowadays it is not difficult to avoid waste with options like Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, Amazon Prime and when looking for entertainment on the small screen. But unless you plan to watch them on your tablet, phone or computer you need a device to run these apps.

Media Players: Buy used

You can find used media players like Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Apple TV on Amazon Warehouse or look to used electronic stores in town. Some gaming consoles connect to certain apps as well. Search “open box” on websites to see if they offer used items. Apple has a refurbished site, you can visit to see what items you might find. This laptop I am working on right now is from their refurbished site, and I think I got it around 2010/2011 and I’ve been so happy with it!

In Arizona, Bookmans usually has a collection of used media players you can browse to purchase second hand. Most of the time these items are in great shape, someone just decided to upgrade or go with a different device so they didn’t need it anymore.

Travel Tip: If you travel for work like I do you sometimes you head to places you are not super interested in exploring or have the time to. Pack your Amazon Fire stick with you so you can plug it into the hotel TV direct and avoid sharing any log in details with the built in hotel TV.

Zero Waste Popcorn

No binge is complete without some popcorn! This recipe comes straight from the Zero Waste Chef. All you need is:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Popcorn kernels
  • Salt
  • Any other seasoning you choose to add
  • Pot for the stove

You can see the full recipe here.

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