Less Waste Free Resource: Libraries

When was the last time you visited your local library? If you haven’t explored one lately maybe it’s time you “checked out” this free resource. You might be surprised at what they offer!

Other Media

Most libraries have more than just books. In Tucson, Pima County Libraries, offer DVDs and Music (CDs) to check out. Including Audiobooks.


Want to binge a TV series? See if the library has it. You can see here they have some HBO, Showtime and other paid channel seasons you might not find easily online for free. Plus, you can check it out for 3 weeks! I was able to get the classic Star Trek Original series (I know, call me a nerd but it was so bad it was fun!) for free. Online this is a collector’s item and can run hundreds of dollars and not something you can easily rent. At least it wasn’t years ago. Need something for the kids? They have a number of kids movies, so you can keep them entertained with the latest Disney obsession as well.


Want to listen to a fun soundtrack or check out an artist you are not quite sure you want to buy? Check out their CD. Like the DVDs sometimes I can find items that are difficult to find in other places or rare recordings.

Beyond Books

We all know libraries have books, but did you know they also carry audiobooks and large print books? They also have computers available for use if you need to use the internet.

Some places sell books too. I purchased the Mary Higgins Clark book above for $2! A normal hardback book can sell around $25, so this is a great discount while giving life to a used item.


Not seeing something you are looking for? Explore their website. Here you can see if an audiobook or Kindle version is available for download. Put a book on hold so you can be the next in line to check it out, or even put it on hold so they can move it to the library near you. Talk to your local Librarian, some places are happy to see if they can order something for you or tell you when something might be coming in for use.


Libraries are well connected to the community, often they offer classes or professional development options for those that can’t avoid help. Frequently you will see a list of stuff happening around town as well. You might be surprised to find a group you might want to join or an event you had not heard of. A friend of mine (not in Tucson) discovered a new parent group she could swap supplies like baby carriers with for FREE! It all depends what your area offers, but without looking up your area you might be missing out on something great.

For those that have kids, most libraries have story-time. Have your kids listen to a story or if they are building up their reading skills maybe read to a dog. A known program that allows kids to feel comfortable reading out loud while spending time with therapy dogs.

Sun Powered

BONUS: At the Nanini Library in Tucson, they have sonar panels in the parking lot. Considering how much sun we get in AZ, this is a great idea for covered parking and to store energy.

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2 thoughts on “Less Waste Free Resource: Libraries

  1. I use to love a trip to the library when I was younger. I use to take my son weekly too! I’ve not been for ages as books as so cheap on amazon and I like audible but you’ve inspired me to go. I do see lots of books being recycled these days in local shops etc which is great 👍 xx

    1. Aww, glad I could inspire you to go back! Yes, convenience is a big factor and people get frustrated when they don’t see what they want right away. I say shop AND borrow. Get the best of both worlds 😉