Less Waste Free Resource: The Loop

Reduce your waste by going motor free for the day or taking your exercise outside. One of Tucson’s finest free resources is The Chuck Huckelberry Loop, known to most as just “The Loop”. This is a 131 mile urban path around the city of Tucson.

When I was training for my half marathon I ran this path 2-3 times weekly and I would come across all kinds of people. Runners and cyclists are the most common but dog walkers, rollerbladers, speed walkers, people riding horses and so on use the path as well. Anything that is motor-free is welcome as long as your respect the rules of the path and those that use it. Watch the video below to see a little of how Tucson experiences The Loop.

The path is so long you can experience different areas of town and as noted below there is a map to experience all the outdoor art along the way. They provide bathroom stops, trash cans for dog waste, connections to parks and a lot of it runs along the path of Tucson washes. If you are unfamilar with washes, they are dry beds that collect rain water when we have quick and fast rain during our monsoon seasons. (Yes, we get rain 😉 )So you can sometimes have running water in the washes during these seasons.

The Loop Art Map

Lexie loves going out to The Loop, so many smells and a clean walking path for her. You can sometimes experience wildlife on the trail as well like this picture of a snake I captured or coyotes hanging out in the washes. Just be on alert when taking your own pets out. I recommend taking water with you if possible, you will dehydrate faster than you think you do especially if you are working up a sweat.

Check it out for yourself. Don’t live in Tucson? Do you have something like The Loop where you live?

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