Less Waste Education: Butterfly Biosphere

On a recent trip to London I visited the butterfly biosphere in Mayfair in Grosvenor Square. Much like how bees can affect our ecosystem, so can other insects like the butterfly.

I have always been a fan of butterflies, so colorful and graceful. I always think of my godmother when I see one, who has always claimed it is her spirit animal (or insect in this case). Or I think back to when I mastered a spelling quiz in the third grade when I learned how to spell proboscis (a butterfly or bee’s tongue) but like most living things butterflies serve a purpose on this planet.

According to Science.com butterflies control waste by eating rotten fruit, serve as food for other insects and are a good indicator if an environment is healthy or not. If you are not seeing butterflies around, something might be wrong.

Enter the Butterfly Biosphere

This biodome was setup in Grosvenor Square to draw attention to the importance of butterflies in our environment. Butterfly population has decreased by 76% in the last 40 years in London which is a shocking number considering how much good they do for the world. Free to the public from Sept. 5- 15, each person could take a glass of “nectar” while they waited to enter the dome and try on the glass glasses so they get a view of how a butterfly sees the world. It was an adorable way to see some beautiful butterflies.

Maybe take notice of the butterflies in your area next time you step out on a sunny day.

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