Less Waste Shopping: Etsy

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If you haven’t tried out Etsy you are missing out. This online store connects you with handmade and vintage items with the option to shop local. Learn more about Etsy…


Swifer reusable pads from Teresa’s Fleece Dusters.

Etsy is all about letting the indivdual sell their items online in their own “shop”. So those that make specialized items can reach you in one place rather than mantain their own website. I have purchased a number of my less waste items from shops on here. It is a great resource when you are looking for something specific to your needs like these resuable Swifer pads I purchased. If you can’t find what you are looking for, try finding a shop that has similar items and see if they can create something new for you.


Check out this old school camera from ShutterSavvy.

Looking for something vintage, give Etsy a whirl. They have a whole section of the site dedciated to vintage items. Something like the camera featured above is a fun find in the comfort of your home.


Napkins from CHOWwithMe

When searching for something, you can filter further on the site to offer options near you so you don’t have to ship your items as far. Some owners will also offer you the option to pick it up in person if you contact them and ask. I was able to order these napkins shown above from a shop here in Arizona. One way to cut down shipping.

Carbon Footprint & Packaging

With the Global Climate Strike happening I would remiss if I didn’t mention that Etsy doesn’t want to add to the problem. They understand that shipping adds to carbon emissions. Any carbon emissions released into our atmosphere as a result of shipping items on Etsy, they invest in projects that reduce carbon emissions by the same amount. You can read all about this here on their website or watch their video shown above.

If you are concerned about any packaging with plastic you can request that the owner ship it without plastic packaging. Most are happy to accommodate if they know you prefer it that way.

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