Less Waste Home Recycle and Reuse Center

Clutter makes me crazy, so when I bring something into my home I want an easy way to organize how I will responsibly recycle or reuse items I can. Here is a look into my home recycle and reuse center.

I find the best place for my RR center is near my front door. This allows me to check in to see if anything needs to go with me out the door. Included are baskets/crates for mail, in-store recycling, reusables, mail-in recycling, shipping and a tin with Terracyle items. I also have items sitting on top of the table for easier access on the go. I re-purposed luggage tags to use as labels for the baskets and crates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have a dog that will get into anything she can. If you have small children or animals at home make sure the items near the floor are heavy enough to NOT be moved. A baby or dog can sufficate on plastic or wrap items!! So you will note my crates and tin near the floor are not easily moved or closed.


If I was really on top of things I would organize and dump my junk mail as soon as I pick it up from the mailbox but I don’t. So I have a place I store it to go through weekly to recycle or shred the junk mail and address the real mail. This keeps it all in one place until I can get to it.

In-Store Recycling

Stores like Lowes or Target have containers for recycling items you can’t recycle in your curbside. So I store these items here, like shipping envelops/plastic wraps I can’t reuse, lightbulbs and batteries.


I have a few items I keep to reuse when outside of the house or that need to be returned to the store. For example egg cartons for the farmers market or the milk/half and half glass bottles that need to go back to the grocery store. Not pictured here, I have a free cardboard drink holder I got from Chick-fil-A that I use to carry my glass bottles in. It is free, easy to use and works well.

Mail In Recycling

For items I ship off for recycling I store them here until I have them ready to go. Like my box for my empty Plaine Products Lotion bottle or a box for all my prescription pill bottles.


When I have to return something or send something for Terracycle I need a box or envelop to ship it in. So I hold on to the ones that don’t get destroyed in the opening process from other places. This reduces waste and helps me to not purchase more shipping materials.


I used a tin I found at Goodwill to hold all my Terracycle items, I want to have a full collection of that particular item before shipping to keep my carbon footprint down. Items you can see here are chip bags, Burt’s Bee’s products, Wellness Dog Food items and Brita filters. I keep this separate from my Mail In Recycling because it tends to be more wrappers that works better in this container rather than a crate and out of reach of my dog.

Table Top

On the top of the table I have items that I use more frequently. A basket for my sunglasses and fold up bags, a small container for rubberbands, a repurposed cup for pens, pencils and scissors, a paper divider for mail to be filled or mailed off and finally a small basket for coupons.

And that is my home recycle and reuse center, what do you use to organize your recycling and repurposed items?

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My name is Kate and I'm a world traveler looking to make a positive impact by reducing my waste and single plastic use.