Eco-Friendly Rugs

When I started looking for a rug for my living room, I knew I wanted to get something that would be eco-friendly. I was pleased to see a few options on the market, I want to share with you! Here are some I came across and then the one I ended up purchasing.

Hook & Loom


Hook & Loop company is dedicated to being environmently friendly. They don’t use dyes, chemicals or latex to make their rugs. You can read all about their enivornmental standards here. They have a number of rug times you can choose from as well. If you are unsure about the rug you are looking at you can try a swatch to be sure you are sold on the feel of the rug.



Loomy creates rugs from materials that are natural, eco-friendly man-made, or recycled. You can read all about it here. They have a number of colors and designs you can choose from, but be prepared to pay for the quality of this item. I liked them a lot but they were a little more than I was willing to spend, but I would imagine they are lovely knowing how they are made.

West Elm


West Elm makes about 90% of their products in-house and has increased their use of sustainably sourced and Fair Trade Certified™ products. You can see their story here. They have a number of options and sizes. They are running a sale on certain rugs right now.

Anji Mountain

In the end I went with a rug from Anji Mountain, a paper shag that is made from recycled paper. It requires a little more care in that you have to vaccum it with an attachment so you don’t suck up any pieces but for the size I don’t find that challenging. It is very soft and works great with my living room decor.

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