Less Waste Costume Ideas

Halloween is on Thursday and if you still haven’t picked out a costume, you are in luck, I have some ideas for you. Skip the plastic at the party store and take a look at these ideas using secondhand clothing or items you might already own.

Revisit the 80’s

There is one thing secondhand stores always have, something from the 80s, maybe even the 70s you can wear. Find the loudest idem you can find and look to pair it with whatever theme you can think of. A prom queen, a rockstar like this gent dressed as Prince or find a wig and go for a hairband look. So many options!


This is me in the photo! I rocked this costume a few years back and it was so simple to put together. I used a shirt I already had and paired it with a pair of black bottoms. Added a beanie cap, a mask, gloves and a bag for my loot!

Go Country

This is usually an easy costume to put together, when shopping secondhard look for anything plaid with jeans. Find some props and with cowboy boots and you can go as a scarecrow or a cowboy/cowgirl.

Board Game

Board games are all about family fun, so you can make this a family theme. Go as Monopoly characters, Candy Land, or like these two pictured, Operation. Want a more adult idea? Go as Clue characters.

Logo characters

There are so many different characters you choose from in this category. A bald man with muscles? Go as Mr. Clean. Long red haired woman? Braid it and go as Wendy from Wendy’s fast food. The list goes on, think about it and I’m sure you can find something to work with.

Men in Black

The 90s are back my friend and nothing is easier than the Men in Black costume. Find a black suit, pair it with your sunglasses and a pen to flash as your memory neuralyzer and you are set. If all else fails you don’t go to the party and when your friends say they never saw you, say, “Huh, I guess that memory neuralyzer really does work!”

Need more ideas?

If those ideas are not enough check out Savers.com who has a whole section with costume ideas you can get at Savers, a secondhand clothing store.


If your costume requires a bit of sparkle, consider using glitter that is biodegradable. Normal glitter is bad for the enviroment (more plastic), so try something you can enjoy without the guilt. Check out bioglitz. It’s not cheap! So go in on it with some friends so you are not purchasing it on your own.

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