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I haven’t managed any holiday shopping yet but my nephew recently had a birthday so here is how I used my less waste skills to shop for him.

Shopping for my nephews used to be so easy when they were babies, grab some cute baby clothes and an adorable toy and they were set. But now that my nephew is seven he has very specific tastes and requests items by name. So here is how I managed to get what he wanted by purchased used or recycled.


If you are going to give a card why not purchase a recycled paper card? If I see a particularly funny or cute card in the recycled area, I grab it then and there. I like that I’m not wasting more paper to make a new card by purchasing recycled.

Shopping: Pokemon got to catch them all…

Some prized intel from my sister revealed my nephew’s latest obsession, Pokemon and I got to work. Using Amazon Warehouse I was able to find him a used Pikachu toy still packaged. Using a local used store called Bookman’s I found a book in the kid section and after asking the staff they were able to find the Detective Pikachu Movie at another Bookman’s location and put it on hold for me. It can be worth the time to ask about something, since this is a such a new movie this was a real score!


To wrap the present I used a box I saved from shipping and made confetti out of the paper wraps from my Who Gives a Crap toilet paper. This added padding in the box and it was simple to do. I emptied my paper shredder and I used it to shred the wrapping TP paper.

If you want to go simple consider using gift bags, these can be reused over and over again and most people don’t mind giving the bag back once the present has been opened. If they plan to keep it, ask that they get more uses out of it.

My nephew’s party is this weekend, I look forward to getting to spend time with him and maybe watch the movie with him. 😉

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