Less Waste Stocking Stuffers

Whether shopping for stocking stuffers or smaller gifts for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Omisoka or any of the many holidays in December, consider some of these suggestions to keep it planet friendly.


Food is an easy and fun choice. You can go for sweet with candy or fruit, or go savory with something like nuts, spicy hot sauce, etc. Keep the packaging to a minimum and make sure they are not allergic!

Coffee, Tea or Alcohol

Maybe you want to add to that food with organic coffee beans, or a special kind of tea. For those of age, find your loved one’s favorite alcohol in tiny travel size bottles.

Homemade coupons

This is a great option for the whole family. I knew a woman that made up coupons for her son to cash in for things like, McDonalds for a meal or get out of a chore pass. For couples, something like one back massage or a night off from the kids is a popular one. Whatever works best for you and your loved one(s), print up a small stack and staple them together for them to cash in during the new year.

Phone case

Style their phone with a biodegradable phone case, Pela has different styles to keep your loved one’s phone safe.

Hair accessories

A wooden comb, brush or shower cap are functional and fun. If their hair is long enough you can purchase them biodegradable hair ties from Kooshoo. You can find most of these at the Package Free Shop.

Small Garments

Smaller garments like socks, scarfs, beanies and even underwear can make good gifts. Look for slow fashion (click here if you wish to learn about slow fashion) options to give the gift of quality and care.

Small plants or seeds

If you have a gardener in your family, find some seeds for a plant or food they were hoping to grow. Herbs can be a good choice, just be sure they enjoy gardening or this could a very wasteful gift.

Hobby supplies

What does your loved one love? Items like guitar strings, bike inner tube replacements, Pokemon cards, yarn, drawing pencils, golf tees, etc. Whatever hobby they enjoy there is usually some form of care and replacement that needs to happen over time.

Everyday Items

I left this category for the very end because it is only useful if your loved one is looking to live less wasteful like you. Sadly we cannot force people to live our lifestyles and pushing products on them might backfire. As with all these gift ideas, know your audience. If they are open to the zero waste lifestyle something as simple as a bamboo toothbrush, silk floss, metal straw, produce mesh bags, beeswax wraps and so on can be useful and appreciated.

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My name is Kate and I'm a world traveler looking to make a positive impact by reducing my waste and single plastic use.