CoronaVirus: Keeping Calm

Events around the world are being canceled or postponed, supplies are flying off the shelves and companies are directing people to work from home when possible. This COVID-19 pandemic has people panicking, but now is the time to remain calm and collected. Living low waste means making the most of your time and energy each day so here are some small tips to keep you on your toes during this stressful time.

Hoarding is not the Answer

If you are concerned about being quarantined add in a few extra supplies to your daily shopping but don’t go crazy. A lot of people are living day to day for what they can afford so if you empty the shelves of baby formula or toilet paper those people will have nothing. If you are friends with your neighbors, check in on them and make sure they are doing ok and maybe you can help supply them with something or vise versa.

Elderly Family & Friends

Check in on your elderly loved ones that might need an extra hand. Avoid going in person if possible since they are high risk so they are not interacting with a lot of people physically. But everyone needs human interaction, so give them a call or FaceTime them. If they need supplies, offer to get pick them up for them and drop it off at their door. Make sure they know you are there to help and that you are thinking of them.

Patience for Temporary Store Restrictions

A lot of stores are not accepting reusable cups or bulk bags to keep the stores clean. This is unfortunate, as we all dislike using wasteful resources but understand human health comes first and hopefully this will be temporary. You can still ask if you can use these items but if they decline, be polite and just say thank you. This is a scary time for a lot of people, let’s try and make it as easy as we can on everyone.

Scheduled Events

Be sure you are checking online or getting in touch with someone if you have questions about whether an event is still taking place. If they are expecting crowds, most likely they have been canceled or postponed. Craft fairs and Farmer’s markets are being suspended or vendors are not going in some cases. Due to this concern I have temporary taken down my Tucson events calendar so there is no confusion if the event organizer makes changes that I have not updated.

Be Kind to One Another

Frustrations can get the better of us, but attitude is everything. Try to practice gratefulness for the things you do have and keep in mind no one wants to deal with these hassles anymore than you do. A negative attitude can be more contagious than any outbreak, so try to spread some positivity instead. A simple smile or joke can brighten someone’s day, keep things light and roll with the changes coming.

Take a Break from the News

It can be overwhelming to see the constant coverage on CoronaVirus, take a mental break and see if you can take your mind off it. I find getting out and walking my dog gives me some vitamin D and a mental break from the madness. It is good to be informed but you don’t have to be glued to the TV or phone watching it hour by hour.

How can we get something good out of this situation?

We all wish we had more time to do this or that, why not now? Don’t waste time pouting about what you can’t do and think about what you can. If you find you have a little more time in your weekend take on that home project you have been putting off. Get those taxes done, build a blanket fort and binge a show or movies, tackle that closet to finally get your donation pile going, try home composting, make a new recipe, do an online workout, the list goes on. We all have those items we avoid, make use of your time at home so you can take on the world when the time is right.

Monitor your Health

Lastly, this outbreak is a concern for everyone because it can spread without your knowledge. Understand the symptoms and what to look for, most cases are mild but the key is to get the care you need and to not interact with anyone that is high risk such as elderly folks, small children and anyone with a compromised immune system. Visit the CDC website to learn more.

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My name is Kate and I'm a world traveler looking to make a positive impact by reducing my waste and single plastic use.