Living the Less Waste Life in a COVID-19 World

During this challenging time, there are limits on many habits we have to reduce waste. That doesn’t mean that you can’t work to make a positive impact. Here are some suggestions to keep up a less waste life.

Electricity Free Activities

Believe me I am streaming like everyone else (Tiger King, anyone?). But after awhile it can get old and it does eat up energy. So try taking it old school and read a book, try a puzzle, board game with the family or walk the dog. It is healthy to do something different once in awhile and you can do these activities while staying home.

Eating Less Meat

One of the items flying off the shelves is meat. This could be your chance to try out some vegetarian recipes. Producing meat creates a real stain on the environment. It takes up space, food, water, fossil fuels and creates methane. This is a whole other complicated topic but know that if you are choosing to eat less meat you are helping avoid a lot of waste. Note that if you do have meat at home, please eat it. Otherwise it will be wasted, this is only for those looking to purchase more meat.

Using Reusable Paper Towels

Once the toilet paper was gone, people went straight for the paper towels. Since you are having difficulty finding this product anyway, why not try reusable paper towels? Etsy has a number of people who create cloth towels you can use in your kitchen and machine wash like you would bath towels. They even make them so you can place them on your paper towel rack, like GreenAndHappyShop towels shown above. If you prefer, try something like Skoy reusable and biodegradable cloths. I use these in my kitchen for counter top clean ups and scrubbing pans. You can disinfect them by microwaving them. Toss them in the compost for a responsible end of life when they are no longer useful. From what I can see, both of these items seem to be in stock for purchase and less wasteful than traditional paper towel.

Drive Less, Walk and Bike More

For those rare moments you need to leave the house for a handful of groceries, etc. Maybe think about walking or biking. This all depends how far you would need to go and if you have the ability to carry the items home. Already we are seeing positive outcomes from less traffic, like reduced pollution. Be sure to keep the recommended 6 feet distance from others when using this method, it only works if you can truly keep your distance.

Start a Garden

For those with a green thumb, this could be your chance to start a garden. Plant some herbs or some pretty flowers, plants are always a welcome addition and many people take a lot of pride in maintaining a garden. Depending what you plant, it can also be a food source, see if this is something for you.

Keep a Positive Attitude

This too shall pass, try and stay positive and look out for your loved ones. Keeping in contact through phone calls or video conferencing can be comforting so take care of yourselves and hopefully this will be over sooner rather than later.

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My name is Kate and I'm a world traveler looking to make a positive impact by reducing my waste and single plastic use.