Kate’s Story

Welcome to Less Waste Today! My name is Kate Alter and I’m so glad you’re here.

A little bit about me, I’m a 30 something, native to Tucson, AZ. (Go Wildcats!) I have a mini Doxie name Lexie who also worships the sun. I’m a trade show/event coordinator by trade and it keeps me on my toes. I love coffee, dogs, podcasts, reading, comedy, horror movies and a relaxing day by the pool. I have the best family, including two little nephews that have the ability to melt my heart with one look.

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So why less waste?

The most common question I get is why reduce your waste? Why cut back on single use plastic? For me, the answer is why not?

My journey to less waste has been an evolving one. Every since I was young, I have had bad allergies. A lot of them I have outgrown but some have stuck around, like my sensitive skin. I would breakout in rashes from the wrong material, certain lotions or even a strong chemical laced laundry detergent. The worst was when I was on a travel for a work event and forgot lotion so I purchased a tiny bottle from the gift shop. I broke out in such a red rash I looked like a lobster. Since this has been an ongoing issue I have looked to find more natural solutions to items I come in contact with. I have always cared for the environment, so from the little I knew I made tiny changes. I started to do little things like carry bags, use a reusable water bottle and shop second-hand.

When I dug deeper into how to live a more sustainable life, I was shocked at how uneducated I was on waste, or rather how I had been lead to believe I was educated on what waste is. Choices I thought I was making to better the planet were empty attempts in a world that loves to “greenwash” their products, companies and messaging.

“I was shocked at how uneducated I was on waste, or rather how I had been lead to believe I was educated on what waste is.”

As a traveler I started to notice how much I was truly wasting with each trip and since I travel often, it adds up. Recently, I had seen and heard stories about marine life and how they are dying off due to pollution in the ocean from landfills. Sea Turtles eating plastic bags because they think they are jelly fish, or whales washing up with pounds and pounds of plastics in their stomachs. It made me both sad and angry, and I knew I wanted to make some changes.

Perfectly Flawed

The good news is I could see changes I could implement to make a difference, that didn’t require me to move out to Amish country and give up every luxury I have ever known! Since a lot of the changes I have made can be simple adjustments, I wanted to share my methods and hopefully inspire others to make similar changes so we can all reduce the amount of waste in landfills and the ocean.

There are many bloggers out there that are much more sustainable than me and I admire that, but I know that I can make more of a difference and be happier if I don’t change everything I do and try to make small changes that can have a large impact. Since I travel, my posts consist of everyday life and on the road changes. So thank you for taking this journey with me!